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Who WE are


Fin was formed in 2014 by recent college graduates Matthew Szabo (guitar), Steve Matulionis (drums), and Bobby Newman (bass).  During the first year of the band’s existence, the trio lived together in a duplex while building a creative chemistry without a vocalist. Michael Kountz (guitar and vocals) was later welcomed in after a successful first session together, where the band wrote their first single, Treehouse. 

The group’s influences pull from bright tones of bands like Vampire Weekend and Little Comets, as well as the mathematical intricacies of artists like Mutemath and Everything Everything. After pooling their spare money to create a budget in-house studio, and bringing in local freelance producer, Ray Buckner, for mixing, Fin released their first self-recorded EP, SALT, in December of 2015. The EP was the band’s attempt to reach beyond the daily drudgery of middle class life, finding humor in their own narrow mindset, and asking larger questions of themselves and the world around them. 

Buzz generated by the collaborative heart of their neighborhood has gifted the band opportunities to perform in the company  of Civil Twilight, Atlas Genius, Colony House, and Dawes, as well as a live session with Daytrotter studios.

In 2017 the group began recording new material with Glass Village Studios, with a release slated for mid-2018. 


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Midas Touch Single Art full-res.jpg
Midas Touch Single Art full-res.jpg

Midas Touch

by FIN